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Algo Trading

What will i learn?

  • Develop your own trading method to achieve financial freedom.
  • Do acquire your ideal career in the expanding FinTech Domain.
  • Become a Quant Trader in Financial Services.
  • Open the gate for a quantitative or data analyst.
  • Develop a data-driven approach to trading. Consider establishing an algo trading desk or consulting business.


  • No programming experience required.
  • Interested in seeing the end-to-end workflow of strategy formulation and development
  • Aspirants who wish to use Python for trading
  • Traders who wish to learn back-testing techniques

Frequently asked question

You will get unrestricted access to all course content for 12 months.

No, there is no batch system.

You may also post your questions and get them addressed directly from the mentor via WhatsApp or email.

Algo trading is based on two main components: strategy backtesting and automation. In this course, you will learn how to automate your trading strategies. You'll also master the most popular programming language, Python.

This course is intended for those who have no programming or technical background. These classes can also help new algo traders get started.

sumit raj

Engineer | Author of book "Building Chatbots with Python" | Algo Trading

Sumit Raj, is a techie at heart, who loves coding and building applications. He is a Python expert with a keen interest in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. He believes in the idea of writing code which directly impacts revenue of the company.He has mentored 1000+ students and professionals on Computer Programming, Chatbots, Python/Django, Career Advice & Web Development.





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12 Months

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